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Hello,I really want to make a cake like this (link) but Im not sure how to do the pettles. Are they circles rubbed with the ball tool?
I print mine at a local cake supply store. There are also websites that will print them and mail them to you in just a couple days.
I agree do it and just let it sit for a bit.
I add color before but it probably does not matter and just keep adding tylo until I get a good consistancy like gumpaste.
I agree I take what I normally charge + Fondant piece + whatever else and come up with a good price.
I always break it down. It takes x amount of time to ice and cover each cake in fondant + x amount of time to cut out decorations or prep etc. Just sit down and right down different steps for the cake and the amount of time it takes you to do them and add it all up to get a rough estimate.
You agreed to do the wedding cake as a gift not a free grooms cake too! Also it is wise to put a cap on your gift of the cake. When you first agreed to make her a cake what price point were you estimating? before she invited a ton of people? That should be your cap. If you were thinking of making her a $6-700 wedding cake than she needs to pay a difference and a deposit like everyone else does. My best friend is getting married and I am doing her cake and we are so...
Electric Pink by Americolor
I had a lady email me wanting a carved jersey cake to feed 50 ppl all fondant with lettering and numbers. She wanted mocha cake, rasberry filling, and white chocolate buttercream icing. She also wanted a football cake to go next to it with grass around the football. I sent her a qhote and she said "oh wow, thats more than I expected I was thinking more along the lines of $70, thats all I can afford." I told her the time/cost/and talent it takes to make the cake she is...
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