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I saw Jackie in Seattle last week and she said the books were on a boat on their way from being printed in China. I hope they show up soon!
I don't think anyone has received their books or had a response to inquiries, including me!
Oh I had been waiting too with no response from the magazine. I bought two so I better get them!
Thank you so much for your reply but it is the sea theme cake on page 65. I think you might have looked at the green cake on page 66 I have been asked to do something similar to the cake on page 65 of this link. I am not sure how to do the colour gradient on each tier or how to make fondant extend above the height if the tier without it flopping over. I would appreciate any help it ideas. TIA!
Thank you both :) I know you are right, it's just hard to swallow!
I have a home based cake business but bake my cakes off site at a rental kitchen.  I only do about $10,000-$15,000 in sales each year.  I have looked into liability insurance in case some one gets sick or something from a cake and wants to sue me.  For $2,000,000 my cost is $600 per year which seems like alot of money.  Does anyone have thoughts on this?  Thanks so much!
Thank you, thank you , thank you!!!!
Thanks so much for the info! The only problem is I can't stack the pans because right now I only own 12, 10 and 8 inch squares which I know won't work
I have had a request for a three tiered square cake to feed 100. The bride wants each tier rotated so they are offset. My question is what size tiers do I use to feed 100 and make sure the top and middle tier corners aren't hanging off the edge of the tier below it? TIA!
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