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The Quote I saw for the LLC was $357 and it is a one time fee.
Lets see if this works!Link to the 44 Color Gel Mixing Chart: everyone for helping with my computer illiteracy!!! lolKisamarie
The Google route didnt work for me, so please PM me if you would like it emailed to you. Happy Coloring!!
Cool, Thank you!!
I have a 44 color gel mixing chart that I have found very helpful, but I dont know how to share it on Cake Central. It is in a word Document format, and it is aproximately 5 pages. Could anyone advise me on how to share the info?
I made the nursing cake in my gallery out of the WASC recipe that was adapted with 1 box Red Velvet duncan hines 2tbs. red food color, 2 tbs cocoa and 1 cup buttermilk. It turned out perfect, dense but very moist. Hope that helps!
Ive had this same problem and wondered if High ratio shortening would make a difference, because it almost seems like the butter and shortening are separating, anyone know??
How are you not paying taxes, without a tax ID? Is there some other way to be tax exempt?
That makes sense in that example, but I am paying tax for colorant, piping bags, etc. If I have the tax ID I wont have to pay tax for my above mentioned items, and I will just file the quarterly return as zero. Im wondering why the comptrollers office withdrew someones request for a tax ID, unless there is some other way to get a tax exemption without it. I guess Im just confused, lol.
My buds keep coming off the floral wire when Im working on the first layer of petals. I let them dry for 12 hours and they still fall out, I hooked the wire and everything. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Advice, please, I have no formal training so Im winging it here.
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