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Omg! I have had friends send me pictures of epic cake fails, but for $35,are you kidding me! Ridiculous!
I always refer to the "smeared frosting" as textured buttercream.  I do a lot of those here in Dallas, it goes right along with the burlap, lol.  Its easy as heck so I have no problem doing it if that's what the bride wants.  It can be artfully done and I think it looks pretty. JMO
Yes, I'm very excited about lace! I just bought my molds and my sugar dress, and I can't wait to use it:-D
Lol. These burlap comments are making me laugh! The burlap ribbon I have used comes from the cake supply, it is also called jute. I haven't seen any eggs hatching on the cakes, but god forbid! I'm just ready for it to go away! Here is a sample for those of you who haven't seen it.
Lol! Hessian, does sound a lot better!
That is a work of art! Gorgeous!
My brides want burlap ribbon(I back it with wax paper) or burlap roses, and I think I have 4 more this month and have already done at least 6! Over it!
I thought I would check with my fellow bakers to see what trends going on right now with wedding cakes, make you giddy with delight, or cringe, when brides come to you with their designs... I'll start... If I have to make one more burlap wedding cake I am :cry:going to scream!!!
What about Americolors Gold sheen?  I have used it on fondant many times, but not on buttercream.  The gold cake I posted earlier has such a vibrant gold, I dont know if enough coats of the airbrush gold could produce the same effect.  Has anyone tried it?
Ok, I didn't even know it was in the article until I saw someone post a link on Pinterest, and my cake was there, in the article. That helped though, thank you!
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