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;) lol!
Thanks K8, yes I am going to do this weekends at a local coffee shop, and then I am going to take my samples to a local winery that does a few weddings and see if they will allow me to use a table in their main tasting room once a month.  Maybe it will give them more exposure and I can drink a bottle when Im done meeting with 8 brides in one day, lol ;)
This is a bit of a rant but I would really like to see what other business owners would do in my shoes....   Okay, so I am a really small business and I am CFL.  I had a wedding venue owner contact me and ask me to bring her samples and interview with her to see if she wanted to use me as her exclusive cake designer.  After a month of hee hawing over a contract, that I had to explain the pricing tier to her over and over again, which I agreed to pretty low prices to get...
Oh my gosh that's so smart!!! I am totally gonna do that!! I was really happy to see that a little sugardress goes a long way. Which is a relief because it's not cheap!
I think she didn't want to come off as cheap, and wanted people to think the wedding cake and what they were eating came from the same place. I know that if I had done the job, she would have passed the costco cake off as mine, I just got that feeling from her. She couldn't understand why I had a problem with it, lol
We'll folks, out of the 8 brides I met that Sunday only 2 chose burlap, thank goodness! I'm hoping this means it's on its way out! The venue I have been contracting with, caters to budget brides, and they all want a wedding and grooms cake for under $500. I've decided that that "relationship" is committed to a vision, I don't share. I'm ready for the artistic cakes and challenging flowers, I'm tired of ribbons and roses, so bring on the sugar dress and fondant ladies,...
Sigh..... Consultation day tomorrow, with 8 different brides, let's take bets on how many pick burlap
Sorry Jen if she sent you an ugly PM!
I am a small business owner and I have 3 kids, plus a husband who is a photographer/videographer/ police officer. I also have 2 computers 4 laptops and 4 tablets, all mixed between Apples PCs and androids. For the photography/ videography and graphics we use the Apples, for gaming and business uses, we use the PCs . I prefer my iPad for portable business use, but the kids like the androids for Netflix and gaming. It doesn't make you an elitist, it makes you knowledgable...
Lol, I understand about being busy! I have been saving them as jpegs with transparent backgrounds, but maybe I need to bring them into touch and lasso the images and cut them out, then move them to the cake :/, what a pain in the butt! I'll let you know if that works. That Doodle App, doesn't allow you to build an album of snippets like Jen showed, maybe she has a different version.
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