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When coloring chocolate clay.... add the  candy color to the corn syrup, stir it in and mix well.  Then add the colored corn syrup to the melted chocolate.   Also... make sure you let it sit overnight on some waxed paper before using it.   After it "cures" it will be very hard.   Just take pieces and knead them, it will become usable at that point.
Wilton makes this exact thing.   It is bendable and it can be calibrated to mark off any equal distances based on  the circumfrence of the cake.  
I love it!  It is different and unique.   It has a lot of possiblities by changing colors and trim colors.   It is abstract in a nice, rounded way.   Love it!
Beware!   A lot  of the chargers they sell are NOT food safe.  Make sure you read the label! 
I need to make 6 figurines (comic book characters). They will be about 4-5 inches high with a fair amount of detail. They will be placed on top of one or more cakes. The figures are in different positions... some kneeling, some standing and some at a very awkward stance (sort of like a lunge). I need to know what would be better to sculpt these figures out of? Chocolate or fondant. How long do they need to "dry"? They need to be fairly sturdy. I will be placing...
Thanks to all who posted. You all have been very helpful.
I am making a wedding cake and the bride wants to "save" the top tier. The design calls for a 3 tier square cake (14-12-10). Is the top tier in addition to the 3 tiers? Is it a separate cake? Is a 10 x10 inch cake is too big? Do I supply the packaging for the top tier? If so.... how do you "wrap" it to last for a year in the freezer? It will be MMF covered WASC cake with jam filling. Any and all information will be appreciated.
If I were asked to do this design... I would make many fondant balls (the size of the hob nail bumps) and lay them onto the buttercreamed, crumb coated cake at the correct intervals and lay a sheet of fondant over them, smooth the area around each little bump to create the design. This is all theory of course...but that is the way I would go about doing it.
Absolutely, that is what will pull this all together. You can put the name of the company and logo on the hanger AND the helicopter.... also... you can put the "inscription" or greeting in the form of an advertisement/billboard thing on the side of the hanger.
How about making the hanger out of cake & fondant and in front of it placing a 3D helicopter (either out of RKT covered in fondant or perhaps out of pound cake) . You could make a replica of her husband out of fondant maybe holding a wrench working on the helicopter. Leaning it on the helicopter would also support the "husband" and his tools. I would research what kind of helicopters he works on.... bubble, double rotor etc. Try to make it as realistic as...
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