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Heavenly she stated earlier three weeks out of fridge.
I know you posted this a long time ago but was wondering when you cakes last 3 weeks do you use filling?  If so do some last long than others.  THX
I've tried to find how much indydebi's bc makes but can't find how much? Also, can you double/triple a batch or do it single batch at a time?
So I only have 3in pans but the amount of cake I need would only be for 2 in. Would I have to change the temp and times. I am using the Wilton recommend temps and quanities.
FYI michaels has it on sale for $149.99
Here is a holder I made quick for cake pops.(when I realized I didn't have styrofoam) I'm sure it would also work for these. I am planning on covering it. I can't put picture on here look in my photos.
I see airy isn't good. Also do you use the whisk attachment or the paddle?
Is airy better?
I have read conflicting answers about how long to mix buttercream. Do you mix only till combined or longer. Please help me get non gritty silky bc.
Does it need to be refrigerated? Also, where do you find vanilla bean paste?
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