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Thanks so much for the help! Guess I will go with the gray. I did try for the chocolate & white marbled idea but she hates chocolate & was not having it! Never mind that it's 3-tiered and plenty of cake to give guests a variety! All's killing me! Lol
Ughhh My client wants a Batman cake and also wants the inside of the cake to be tie-dyed in white, yellow and black. First of all, I'm not even going there with the black. That's just way to much artificial color going into a kids cake. I told her I might could get a gray worked out.  But the more I think about it the more I convince myself it's going to be UGLY! Gray cake??!?  Just looking for opinions! Has anyone ever gone with gray for the inside of a cake? I can't...
Thank you all for the tips!!   I did decide to do as maybenot suggested and lightly spread a thin layer of buttercream before adding the custard. I sampled the cake scraps and thought it was delicious!!! Thanks again!! I can always rely on CC subscribers to help me out of a jam!! lol no pun intended!
Just seeking advice. If you were adding a vanilla custard in between the layers of a vanilla cake, would you then also add buttercream?? When I add a raspberry filling, for instance, I DO add the buttercream on top of the raspberry, then layer and repeat.  What about custard?? don't want to overpower the cake but don't want it to be lacking buttercream either!  Help!!
Thank you so much for taking the time to help me!  I have several different sized square pans but was afraid the finished cake wouldn't fit onto the standard 19x13 cake board.  Duh, the 1/4 sheet cake pan stacked 2 wide is perfect...sometimes my brain just needs a kick start!! Thanks again!!!
I need to make a hockey jersey cake to feed up to 40 but I can't decide what size pan to use. Here is a picture of the size that I like... any ideas what size pan to use?
I have the Cricut Cake and while it's definitely a love/hate relationship, I still use it.  You cannot use homemade MM fondant at all. I have found that Wilton gum paste works if rolled out nice and thin but is still pretty tricky. The sugar sheets work nicely most of the time as well. The key to avoiding frustration is simply changing out the blade fairly often. As soon as it starts to rip up my design, I change the blade asap! I love that you can use any of the Cricut...
I'm looking for a company to purchase an EDIBLE IMAGE PRINTER from and would appreciate any feedback from those of you who have bought one!!   For starters, I contacted Ink4Cakes. They were fairly quick with a response, was in broken English and hard to understand. Sorry, but if I'm spending that kind of money I'd want customer service from someone who could clearly understand what I'm talking about and could also clearly COMMUNICATE with me.   Next, I...
I have found that if you just keep kneading more & more powdered sugar into your MMF it WILL get a firmer consistency. I have made mine as firm as I needed just using extra powdered sugar.
Yes, as Rosegin stated, the cake was simply sitting on top of the over turned pan. I may have solved that mystery though!!?!! I tried using almost no non-stick spray and ta-daa...cake was perfect!! I've been over spraying the sides of the pan!! Duhhh!!! Thank you all for the help & suggestions!! I appreciate you taking time to respond!
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