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Freeze them maybe? I don't know. I would dry them out (which means that, yes, they will harden) or just make them fresh.
Wow, nobody helped you? Fondant/gumpaste figurines will keep pretty much indefinitely so long as you keep them in the dark (to prevent fading) & protect from dust - but don't put them in an air-tight container, you want them to be able to continue drying out. So a closed cardboard box is good, or an open plastic container. I just stick them up in a high cupboard & leave them. If you want to display them they can just go into the china display cabinet or whatever...but...
Can't believe people are STILL chasing refunds - it's been going on forever, it seems
Ganache is a fantastic surface for fondant, easy to work with & tastes amazing. I never use buttercream, not even as a filling.
I haven't found one yet...
You just need to roll your fondant/gumpaste thinner and/or make sure when you're cutting out letters that you only press on the very outer edge (don't push on the ejector bit at all when cutting).
The only times I've had problems with figures on buttercream wilting/collapsing is when I've made the mistake of putting the cake/s in air-tight containers. Keep the cake in an open plastic container (either in the fridge or out at room temperature). Or a closed cardboard box is fine, because it's not air-tight & the cardboard draws some of the moisture.
I use dark chocolate ganache under thin white fondant all the time, no problems.
...another thought has just occurred to me. I did shake the bottle really well before using, so it may have had a lot of air bubbles in it too which could also have affected the flow.
Okay, thanks for that - will try thinning it down. I may try thinning with alcohol though...I would worry that adding water may increase the drying time a lot, or do you find it doesn't make much difference?Thanks again Kiddiekakes! (I'm relieved I don't have to go buying any more parts!)
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