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I agree with AnnieCahill, I left my cakes in the pan too long the other day and the same thing happened to me. I rebaked them, cooled them a little and they came out fine.
The problem was most likely the red food coloring that you used. Try the no taste red from wilton next time. The first time I made RV it came out bitter too.
I agree on the Americolor electric blue
I use Sam's club butter all the problem
Maybe your buttercream wasn't crusted enough. You can email her with questions and she will respond to you.
Kitchen Aid Pro 600
I agree with above post. Check your oven.
I would try to get someone to take care of the kids and make the cake.
I am not in the cake/cupcake business but I believe you may end up losing money by doing the 500 cupcakes for $250. You will end up cursing each cupcake you make. I don't think you should discount anything. If she orders from you in the future maybe a discount at that time, depending on the order. If she wants to pay 50 cents per cupcake send her back to the local supermarket.
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