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Hello all,   I know there are charts out there for party cakes but they all seem to say something different! I need to make a graduation cake for approximately 40 people. It's going to have a half basketball on top - I think the sports ball pan is 6 inches and I was going to put that on top of a 2 layer 12" round. Do you think that will be enough servings? I was thinking I could make a 3 layer 12", that way the pieces could be a little thinner and we would get more...
I've made chocolates using the silicone molds - a couple of different kinds but mostly the flexible ones. Works great, I've just poured tempered chocolate in and let set up in the fridge and then popped out. The only thing I would watch out for is getting the fudge out of the molds. If the molds are intricate and/or deep, it can be tricky getting the pieces out and since fudge is not rock hard, it may smoosh a little. But if you have hearts, those should work fine. Best...
I made it using the big cupcake pan and it was enough so I think it makes a normal 2 layer 9" (1 1/2" per layer). Good luck!
FYI - Lorann oils has an awesome recipe for maple fudge on their website - I've made it tons of times - it's made with white chocolate. Good luck!
Not sure if this is an option but maybe you could try making the topper out of fondant or gumpaste and see if that comes out of the mold?
You can definitely decorate molded chocolate with royal icing. I used to make marshmallow eggs for easter that were covered in tempered chocolate and then decorated with royal icing flowers and leaves. Just make sure your chocolate shoe is hardened, then pop it out of the mold then you can go ahead and decorate. You can also decorate with melted chocolate in a piping bag, or even buttercream!  For royal icing, there are many recipes out there that don't call for cream of...
Did you try putting the mold in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes? That might make the chocolate strong enough to pop out of the mold. White chocolate chips are pretty temperamental so you may have better luck with the candy melts. Good luck!
If it uses cocoa and you think it's too bitter, you can try adding some melted chocolate to sweeten it up a little. Hopefully someone else will have an answer for you! Good luck!
I use the Magnolia Bakery red velvet cake recipe - you can find it on epicurious. Have been using it for years to makes cakes and cupcakes and everyone loves it. For lemon, I do the same as mentioned above - add in lemon zest and lemon oil to a white/yellow cake. Good luck!
Congratulations - that kitchen looks awesome -I'd LOVE to bake in it! Best of luck!
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