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You might have a hard time making it blue because pink and blue make purple/lavender...If you add alot of royal blue...and I mean alot you may get a blue but the taste might not be good...My recommendation is make new icing and freeze the pink.
If you have an airbrush you can airbrush the bow purple and it will pop again.
If you google Depend cakes several pictures came up...
I tend to agree with Jason...I don't involve my business at all when handing out candy...I just hand out the store wrapped candy..Anything homemade usually gets thrown out by parents..At least that is exactly what I do when my kids come home with homemade goodies...I don't care if I know the business or not...I do however offer a Halloween Special on my website.
I think when any company mass produces their product many times the product suffers in taste.Buddy scratch bakes so I it may be that some of the recipes could be dry when we are used to mixes ...not sure and not saying all scratch cake recipes are dry.
Well it really does depend on where you live as humidty etc play a factor..Also everyone's ovens are different and one may be hotter than the other etc..First check to see if your oven is baking at the true temperature...You can do this by buying a oven thermometer.I bake my 3D cakes at 350 if they are a dark cake like chocolate and 325 for white cakes as they tend to burn faster on the outside so take longer at lower temp.3D pans also take longer anyways....Use a wooden...
I would say a lifesize helmut will feed about 20-25..I charge $6.00 a serving for my cakes but it really depends on how intricate etc...My 3D cakes start at $150.00 and go up so I wouldn't charge any less than that for a 3D cake..10 inch rounds stacked and carved should give you a good size helmut.
I am looking for a soft whipped bakery creamcheese icing like the icing they put on the Cinnabon cinnamon buns....not gritty not plain BC with a brick of Creamcheese thrown in...Does anyone have a recipe they can share?Thanks
I have a Kopykake Airmaster.I have had it for over 10 years and never a clog or problem...There are many brands out there just depends on how much she plans to use it and how much you want to spend.
In my opinion if the cake was supposed to be Buttercream it should have been in that and nothing else.Stability is up to you to know whether a cake will be best in all mediums and discussed with the bride beforehand.If I know that a style of cake will not do well in BC and suggest fondant I do so well before the wedding and make sure the bride is aware of it..Personally if I were a bride and didn't like fondant and asked for BC and I received a fondant cake...I...
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