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wow!! I like that!! Maybe I will purchase something like that and save my husband the hassle of making my structure! haha thanks for sharing the link!
Yes I do need the top of the 8" to be smaller than the bottom of the 6"   The bride sent me a picture of a paper figure she made to show me how she wanted it! My only concern was stacking the cakes on almost a point of the cake below! That doesn't give me a lot of room to dowel. (If that makes sense)   I was thinking of running a center rod down the whole cake and using flanges to hold up the middle and top tier. Im thinking if I do it that way, I will need to make the...
Hello!!! I need help with how to stack a pyramid cake like this!! My tiers will be 8",6" and 4". Im trying to think of the best way to tackle this!! I have an idea of how I would do it, but I want to get other opinions before I buy what I need! Thanks!!
tracyaem....I agree!!! GSA is a wonderful website with great products, great prices and great one is denying that fact!! I 100% agree that the way this was handled was WRONG! They are allowing people to still purchase and with that allowing their personal information to be hacked! This couldve been taken care of by putting a simple statement on their website during checkout with a background of whats going on, and give people a secure option on how to buy....
Alan you havent yet answered anyones question or comments as to why you havent notified any customers or why you continue to allow people to purchase online when your website isnt secure?   I think I can speak for a few other cake central members when I ask you to please answer...
if you read through this thread, someone said they ordered by phone and still got hacked!!! just a heads up!
Had I known of this issue I would not have purchased from them! And trust me I will no longer purchase from them!
has anyone tried to pursue any further action?   I mean the more I read the more I see that it has happened to some people 3+ times!
thank you! Im just trying to get more information for when I talk to a person in their "account department"
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