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Cubascakes- You can't fix stupid! Sorry for the extra stress she's causing you with her exaggerated sense of entitlement! That being said- sending lots of hugs, prayers and positive thoughts for you and your family❤️ Nancy
Here's one of my latest cakes, the giraffe I think is my favorite part😊
Bought it, use it, LOVE it! Worth every cent!!!
I also use limited box sizes usually just cupcakes and 12" . The only others I get are from walmart for mt tiered cakes and the 12" x 12" boxes are .68 a piece
I've used the one listed on joy of baking Family and friends loved it😊
I've been researching systems as well and PayPal has a feature that they will invoice your client and take payment
Will the epicurious double chocolate cake stack well & hold up to fondant?
Hi all! I have a recipe similar to this that I LOVE but it's seem sturdy enough to stack. Has anyone used the epicurious recipe to stack & cover with fondant? Thanks in advance! ~nancy
Yum! If I was closer I would gladly be a taste tester let us know how they turn out
I also make Liz marek's mmf recipe. It's the third fondant recipe that I've tried and it was by far the easiest to make and even my hubby liked it( he hates fondant).
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