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Chocolate ganache for the chocolate cupcakes, vanilla icing for the vanilla cupcakes & strawberry icing for the strawberry cupcakes. 25 of each flavor will be covered with fondant & 25 with respective icings. I just want to ensure am using the right recipes that won't 'melt' in the heat
Hi everyone, I need help quite desperately. I have an order of 150 cupcakes for this Saturday and have already baked and frozen the cupcakes(50 each of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry). But am completely stuck on the icing part - I live in very hot and humid conditions and these cupcakes are required for an afternoon outdoors party! How do I get the icing on stay on and not drip off? I hate the taste of crisco and want to try and not use it in the icing? Is there any...
Thanks guys.. That's exactly what I did! CWR41- I literally put fresh strawberries on the sides of the cake after brushing it with syrup. It's now saran wrapped & refrigerated
I need some urgent help - I have an order for a vanilla sponge cake with no filling OR icing on top. That's fine but she wants fresh strawberries on the side of the cake plus a 'happy birthday' message for a friend. How do I attach fresh strawberries on the sides? & how will the cake remain fresh & moist without any frosting/icing? Any assistance on this will be greatly appreciated! Should I be keeping the cake outside or in the fridge until she comes to collect it? Don't...
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