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I haven't had any problems myself (since I limit my use of PayPal and be sure to keep a zero balance with no links to bank accounts) but I've heard several stories where PayPal customers have had their entire accounts frozen due to a single customer dispute. Since PayPal is not a real bank they don't have to follow the same rules banks do.Accepting PayPal also gives customers two options for disputing a payment: they can dispute directly with PayPal, and if that doesn't...
There was a settlement earlier in the year allowing surcharges. It looks like there are still several states that ban the surcharges though.'s easy enough to get around this by just increasing your prices across the board to cover credit card fees, and offering customers a cash discount. Or just pocketing the extra profit from cash customers.
If something says "Not FDA Approved" it should not be eaten, it doesn't get more official than that.If you are referring to the "FDA has not evaluated this" statement on supplements corresponding to specific health claims, that just means the FDA has not reviewed the supplement's claim that it does X. The supplement itself is still safe to consume.
Some luster dust is food grade, meaning that it is edible. The luster dust linked below is also certified Kosher. I have never seen food grade disco dust.
How is this spam?
We accepted cash and checks only. If I still had a business I would accept credit cards with Square and charge the additional fees to the customer (it is now legal to do this). I try to stay as far away from PayPal as possible.
The manufacturers of disco dust are not required to list ingredients because they are not considered food, so I doubt you will be able to find an ingredient list.
Play-doh is also non-toxic.
What is your marketing strategy? What is your competitive advantage (e.g. what you can provide that your competitors can't)? Who is your target market? I would avoid undercharging in the future, you will only attract customers who won't be willing to pay what your products are really worth.
There are many other options for advertising, if you are targeting brides or upscale parents who throw big birthday parties a free parenting magazine would be near the bottom of the list. Have you looked into targeted online advertising like Google AdWords?Another way to look at it is that you're paying $160/month for rent and insurance regardless of the number of orders you get. If you have no orders that money is already being wasted, so advertising is more of an...
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