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I thought I read on their site that with the new mats, you don't need to season them, but I can't remember for sure.  I didn't season mine and it worked fine.
Veronica, beautiful cakes!  I especially like the fish and the baby cakes.
I know what you mean.  I prefer to make it from scratch myself, but was just curious about whether or not these mixes were any good if needed as a shortcut.
maybenot...I'm just does the memory foam work?  It seems like it would make the surface a little unstable for holding the cake.  Do you do something special to strap it down?  With my luck, the cake box would fall off of the foam and I'd be up a creek!  Do you put a non slip pad under and on top of the foam?  As I said, I'm just curious as to how it works.  If it will help protect a cake even more, I'm all for it.  I have a Pilot that I deliver in, too;...
Rosie those cupcakes look soooo delicious!  Great job!   Sweetshop, those are amazing cakes and cookies! Baby shower cakes and cookies are always so adorable.
I just got an ad via email and was wondering if anyone has tried this product.  It was from Sweet Wise and they have a royal icing mix that you just add water to.  Was curious as to whether anyone has tried this product or one similar to it and how they liked it.  (I've posted it here because I use royal more for cookies than cakes,)
Cat, so sorry you still haven't been feeling well, but glad that you seem to be on the mend.  Take care and enjoy your day!
This sounds really interesting, but most cakes don't call for a pound of flour, so am assuming you would have to reduce the glycerine according to the amount of flour used in the recipe.  And does this only work with AP flour, or will it also work with cake flour and/or self rising?
Beautiful cakes!
I don't blame you for wanting to take a year off from the Oscar party.  You're better off getting your strength back and feeling much better before trying to be hostess to guests.  We really needed the rain and I'm glad it was here, but what we need more is a really good COLD storm to generate more snow!  If we don't get that snowpack to have all the runoff from it melting, we're still going to be in trouble this summer.  It could be cold and snowy up in the mountains...
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