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Judy, you have to purchase FromScratch's white cake recipe now.  You can go to the site referenced above and get info on how to obtain a copy.  It is well worth the price she is asking.  She put a lot of effort and experimentation into the final recipe and it is a good one.  It's now my go-to recipe for various different flavors, which she also offers as part of the price.  You won't regret making the purchase.
I got a double Agbay for Christmas.  I wasn't expecting the double, but my son had decided that for the extra cost it would be worth it to have it.  So, even though I'm a hobby baker, I have the double.  Makes such a difference in leveling and torting cakes you can't believe it!  Before then, I had the little flimsy wire Wilton leveler.  Couldn't get me to give up my Agbay now!!!
You may not get an answer.  This is a very old post...dated in 2009.
Thanks.  I'll look it up!
Rosegin, are you willing to share the recipe?  I love orange creamsicle!
Thanks for sharing.  That sounds sooo yummy!  Definitely have to try it soon!
Yortma, how much lemoncello do you add to your recipe?  Would you be willing to share your recipe?  You can PM me if you prefer that to posting here.  I love anything vanilla or lemon...especially lemon!
Oh my goodness!  AZ I haven't ever taken the time to look at one of your sites, but I just looked at the Flickr one above and was absolutely stunned.  You do such beautiful, outstanding work.  I could not believe how beautiful those cakes are!  You are one talented lady!  I saw so many I liked I'd be hard pressed to find a favorite.   And Crazy-Grey, I looked at yours, too. and AZ is right.....drop dead gorgeous!  I knew there was great talent on this site, and now it is...
Her measurements are in weights.
My feelings exactly!  I've been using her recipe since before she put it up for sale.  Loved the recipe from the very beginning!  I bought it just because I wanted to support a small business and wanted the updates she added to it.  I use this recipe as my go-to all the time.  Love it!
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