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Well, Cake Central won't allow the link, so here's the picture. 
thegalnextdoor, to see a small section of the ruffle this tube/tip makes, here's a link:   http://********************/catalog/misc/tipusage.htm
I assume that you are actually wanting  specific photos and not just the link to the templates folder, right? These might be what you are looking for. Doug has some great drawings that are very helpful.  Have fun and I hope I've actually helped.  Here ya go:
I LOVE IMBC and SMBC both, and so do my customers.  One of my friends told me once that for his birthday gift I could give him a bowl of my IMBC and a spoon and he would be happy.  LOL!   Gotta agree with that - whether it's flavored with Godiva Chocolate liquer,  white chocolate, or plain old vanilla, it's my favorite.
Awwww! I think your's is cuter than the original - much cuter angels and I love the clouds!
Caljava (The makers of FondX) just posted this video online to demonstrate how to make a white flower cake. Watch closely. . . .she sticks wires in cakes!!!  OMG! Do you think Caljava doesn't know the dangers of wires or simply has a wanton disregard for the safety of people everywhere?  Someone should tell them before it's too late!
Here's a really good picture tutorial on tall (double barrel) tiers:
LOL K8!  That's funny!  We ate pennies when we were toddlers. . .ugh. Nothing dirtier than money.
You're very welcome! Anytime!
It looks like the glass is on a little fondant covered board, probably with a dowel or two supporting it from beneath and a little royal icing to stick it to the fondant.  Also, just a guess, but I'm thinking that's probably buttercream frosting in the glass.
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