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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, my 6 QT Kitchenaid.  I will never, ever be without one again.  It's loud, but it's mighty!
I totally agree with this!!  I see a lot of cakes on here with actual glass rhinestones stuck to the fondant. BAD BUSINESS right there.  They had better be serving that cake and making sure they don't miss a single one of those babies, otherwise they are liable for damages (real and imagined!).  I don't know a single person in the world that thinks a glass rhinestone is edible, so that wouldn't really be a legal defense.  Stick with the edible things that are available and...
I use whatever I have on hand....buttercream icing, straight peanut butter, nutella, jelly, preserves - it really depends on what I want them to taste like.  You can use store bought frosting - sure.  The key is not using too much of whatever you use.  Just enough to make a stiff dough - similar to cookie dough.
I LOVE to ice  a frozen cake with buttercream - it seems to smooth out so much easier for me. Then About 6 or 8 months ago I started freezing my iced cakes before I put the fondant on them.  It was one of those "smack myself in the forehead" moments - why did it take me so long to try that? I will NEVER go back to putting fondant on a room temp cake. It gives me more working time and my edges are so much sharper.  I've used Satin Ice as well as MMF to cover frozen...
Oh, my....guacamole.  I'd probably have to charge more at that point.  Probably more like $71.27.  BRB....I need a margarita.
LOVE Satin Ice Gumpaste, or use tylose in fondant.  Either one works, but the Satin Ice Gumpaste can be rolled thinner and dries nicer.
Your questions can only be answered by the person(s) regulating the competition. You might want to contact them with your concern. It would be really awful to do all that work, spend the money and drive 3 hours to be disqualified because you asked people here what to do instead of the people that are In charge of that decision.
Shanter, have you ever tried to frost your tortilla cake with refried beans?  It's seriously the best...and if you mix in equal parts sour cream, you will never go back to a plain ole tortilla cake. 
trans fats, or lack thereof, do NOT make your frosting gritty. Gritty powdered sugar makes your frosting gritty.  Trans fats affect the feel on the tongue of the frosting and the spreadability. It will NEVER affect the grittiness. 
I would guess that the tiers are 4, 6, 8 and 12.  The tier with the ruffles is going to get substantially wider than a normal 8" tier just because of the volume of the ruffles.  You need a larger tier on the bottom to look proportional.
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