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I finally found it, but can only find it on UK websites. Most of them don't ship to the US, or if they do can't get it here in time. The mold is called Great Impressions Lace Scroll Floral Large Mould if anyone has any ideas:)
Do you know if Hobby Lobby or Michaels carries anything like the make your own molds? I'm very short on time and not sure it would get here in time if I ordered online. Are there any other DIY options that might work? Thank you for all your help. I'm getting very nervous and a little desperatešŸ˜¬
Good point. Have you ever made your own mold? Is it difficult?
That is a much better picture! Thanks! Does anyone recognize it or have any suggestions?
Sorry, I couldn't get the picture to load. Maybe this link will work.
I have a bride who has requested something similar to this picture. I was planning on using a silicone lace mold, but I haven't been able to find anything like this pattern. Does anyone recognize it or know of something similar?
Well, I love that answer!! Thanks!
Thanks for the advice, but I don't think I explained myself very well. I have always put buttercream tiers in the freezer for a while to firm up the icing before I stack them to avoid messing up the buttercream. Then I can stack the tiers without leaving fingerprints, etc. or I can adjust it if I don't get it exactly centered the first time. Then I let the cake come to room temperature after it is assembled. If I do this with the fondant lace already on the tiers, will...
I am doing a wedding cake next weekend with the lace effect. The bride wants buttercream with fondant lace, so that raises a few questions for me. I usually freeze buttercream tiers before I stack them. If the fondant lace is already on the tiers will the fondant sweat when it comes back to room temperature? Because of timing issues, I need to have the tiers already decorated before I deliver the cake and stack it on site. Is there an easy way to accomplish...
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