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The best modelling chocolate I have ever made was a recipe by chokolate found here her creations are incredible and her recipe is so easy to make and work with. I find with chocolate/ glucose recipes it can get oily quickly but with her recipe it doesn't. To colour modelling chocolate use dusts, chocolate colours (oil based) or gel colours. Add to the liquid if you're colouring the whole batch or... If that doesn't work just search for cigar and they'll come up
You can get 700g (140pcs) from town and country fine foods (min spend £80 for my area) for £14.43. You can get 500g from hb ingredients for £4.85 but on the website they only show dark chocolate. They have a £10 delivery charge (free over £200). Or there's some here Or here...
If cost is not an issue the best fondant to use is Carma Massa Ticino which you can get from town and country fine foods.
Unfortunately it's a case of you get what you pay for then. Maybe try going to the other supermarkets and see if they are any better. I'd try sainsburys first.
I cheat kind of. I make my own vanilla extract with beans and vodka. I then buy exhausted vanilla seeds ( toss some of them in for the flecks (and added flavour) and use my extract to bump up the flavour. I'm like AZ though, toss in enough for the flavour but not so much that it changes the consistency.
Just google the colour wheel, whatever colour shows too much in the grey fondant, counteract it with whatever colour is on the opposite side of the colour wheel. For example, if it is too purple, add a tiny bit of yellow. The purple cancels out the yellow, which also works in making whiter buttercream. Add a tiny bit of purple to cancel out the yellow of the butter. 
Being from the UK too I would say your first issue is that you're using Morrison's fondant. I have never had much luck with any of the supermarket brands except Asda & Tesco. Unfortunately they have now changed their recipes so that their once brilliant fondant is now awful. Personally, I use Carma Massa Ticino, it is expensive and you have to order a lot (from wholesale suppliers) but the quality is so much higher than the rest that it is worth it (I'm not professional...
It was 'you'll never walk alone' one word on each side. Liverpool football clubs slogan. Awful lol! Thanks
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