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So true.
Yep, the more cakes you do the more you will realize what all goes into it! It helps if you just sit down and really think and list out everything you think you will need for a cake before you quote it, and then figure out at least an approximate cost for each item. That way even if you decide to discount it for a friend or family member, you know how much it should really cost. There is tons of good info on CC about pricing. It can be a touchy subject, but you can learn...
Actually $25 is at less than a quarter of what I would charge for a 6 and 8 inch covered in fondant. Our fondant cakes start at $4 per serving. According to the Wilton chart a 6 inch and 8 inch serves about 32.   The cake looks good! The fondant is smooth, I don't see any bumps or tears in it. You probably want to work on getting your tiers a little taller, the shorter tiers like that don't tend to look as professional. But overall great job on your first fondant...
  I have nothing to add, except SPOT ON.   ????????????????  Um, I'm a home baker. That has no bearing on my pricing. We used to have a storefront, and recently moved our business home under cottage food law. We have not lowered our prices since we made that move.  Hahaha, eeewww, baked with love does sound kinda gross when you think about it.
Now there's a thought!
I just think it's funny how these people will seemingly do anything to get jobs for which they will charge so little that they don't even make any money! What's the point?? For the lulz?? For the pats on the back?? Those get old real fast when you're up at 3:00 AM trying to get the gum paste figure or fondant piece to look EXACTLY like the teddy bear on the invitation or you're covered in buttercream and powdered sugar and you're so tired you can't see.   Cake...
We have done this exact design, and this is how we did it. I piped ALL of those dots. My hand has never been so sore! I wouldn't recommend a bride do it either!
Well, I can tell you what I would charge for that cake, but it may not be accurate for your costs. You would need to figure out your materials cost and overhead, how many hours of labor (and how much per hour you want to charge), and profit margin to come to a price. At least you have a starting point with the $4 per serving, but if that is your base price for basic design, you would certainly need to add on to that for a 3D shaped cake.
Great post, and that cake is adorable! Great job!
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