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  Now for $120 an hour, we might be willing to consider it...
Right?!? My response (in my head) when I saw it was like "NO, he doesn't have time to send you a tutorial! He works two other jobs (aside from cakes), and he taught himself to do this stuff (never had a Wilton class or any other training). You're a pastry chef, figure it out for yourself!"
Well, that escalated quickly!  
We have had a lady ask on our FB page for tips on smoothing buttercream a couple of times. The first time we posted a pic of a buttercream cake, and she commented on the pic saying she is a pastry chef and does custom cakes, and asking if our icing artist would give her some tips on how to smooth buttercream.   My husband is the buttercream smoother, so he commented and basically just told her that it takes the right consistency of icing and a lot of practice to get the...
That's horrid!! 
Nice!We had a photographer make a similar remark about a groom's cake once, kind of a "that's it??" comment, my husband just said "Yup, that's what they ordered!" Thankfully the bride was standing close by, saw it, and said "I love it!" so that hopefully shut him up pretty well!
Not me! I will freely admit that I am a cake snob, and I can't stand grocery store cakes! We have actually turned out friends into cake snobs now too! OTOH, I would never be rude about eating grocery store cake at a party, and I would certainly never mock the cake. I would (and have) graciously accept and eat it, or tell them no thank you since I am on a diet (which is true!). But I wouldn't enjoy it!
 Oh my gosh, this is so true, That was so me when I started, I hated saying no to people, and it definitely did not come naturally to me to be firm in my prices and policies! But you do learn to do it eventually. Totally true about needing to recharge too! I'm an introvert and I have to recharge anyway when I am around people too much!This, absolutely. I'm still not where I should be on this, I am waaay too lenient on the deadline for payment. But for sure tell them they...
Yes, that's going to serve more than 20. If you do it to look like this one, it's going to serve more than 25-30 too, most likely.She can cry all she wants about wanting free cake, doesn't mean you have to give it to her. Stick to your guns. That cake at $160 is a steal anyway (We'd be around AT LEAST $400 for that). And she's lucky your shop is willing to do it with such short notice.What does your boss say about this?Oh, and a truck out of tiramisu?? HAHAHAHAHA!
Totally jealous! That's awesome, have fun with your basket of goodies! I LOVE Coach purses, I used to go with my friend to the outlet when she was shopping for hers and drool over them! Haven't had the pleasure of owning one myself, but maybe someday! LOVE Michael Kors purses too, they are gorgeous!
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