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Apparently OP posted just before I did, it definitely appears those are plunger flowers as opposed to the molds like I used.
I ordered a mold that had teeny tiny flowers on it last year, I believe from Global Sugar Art. The flowers were very tiny, only about half a centimeter.
Even better than a ruler, use one of those plastic triangle rulers from the school supply section in department stores. It has a flat side that will keep your angle straight & a ruler so you can measure how far apart you are placing your quilts. I did this cake using that method. Well I was hoping the quilting part showed up better but it looks like between the lighting in the pic & the black fondant you can't really see it.
I don't know how you would be able to keep the Hulk hand bursting through the top from showing on the Frozen side. Sounds like they may be trying to incorporate a boy's & a girl's cake into the same giant cake. Sounds like a lot of work just to figure out the design much less executing it. If it were me, I would suggest to scale down the # of tiers & just make each kid their own individual cake in a single or 2 tier cake that would still give them the serving count they...
Actually I didn't add anything to the buttercream, just used the straight out of the bowl of buttercream I frosted the cake with. The beauty of brush embroidery is that it is easy to correct any "mistakes" you might make by piping over or smoothing it out with your paintbrush. Mine may not be as professional as some, but I was pleased with the look. Here is a close up pic of one the cakes I did using straight buttercream. My piping skills aren't that great, but the brush...
I'm just a hobby baker, but when I made my cakes with brush embroidery I just used the same buttercream that I used to cover the cake with. They were covered in fondant, it may make a difference if you are strictly covering in buttercream though, but unfortunately I can't answer for that situation as I have only done the brush embroidery on fondant using buttercream.
I'm pretty sure you can just purchase gumpaste flowers online & have them shipped to you... I'm not sure which sites would ship to your country, but it might be worth it for you to take a look online for suppliers that will. I've not had much experience with flowers myself & if I was going to make a wedding cake I would probably order the flowers.   Sorry I'm not sure about the lace, it's probably some sort of mold. Maybe you could find one online that looks similar.
I tried it, tastes like their butter recipe cake mix with a ton of food coloring added. Doesn't really taste anything like red velvet, so don't think because it says "velvet" it will. If you want a nice shade of pink cake for a child's birthday or something, it's nice because you don't have to add any additional food coloring but my personal preference is regular butter recipe cake that doesn't have a ton of food coloring.
Two words: Baker's Joy. You can find it in the grocery store with the Pam & other non-stick sprays. I had a cake stick about 2 years ago & cried & cursed & even beat on the pan to get it out. I found the Baker's Joy spray the next time I was shopping & figured I'd give it a go, had to be better than what I was using (grease pans w/ butter & sprinkle flour on them) & my first cake practically fell out of the pan when I went to flip it. I am now a firm believer in Baker's...
Put it in front of a fan. I did that with a gumpaste tiara I made the night before the cake was due & by the next day it was dry enough to sit on top of the cake... it could've been drier & I would've felt better but it worked in a pinch.
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