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Shimmer, pearl and luster dusts have a pearly sheen to them. Petal dust has a flat matte finish and is usually used on gumpaste flowers.The fish and sword in my photos are painted with coats of luster dusts.
I've been wondering about My Cake School also. How much is it to join?
I made blood for the sword cake in my photos out of red gel color mixed with piping gel.
[quote="carmijok"]Don't know if there is a specific kind of buttercream you are looking for. I've never had any problems with mine, but I don't use egg whites and such. It's pretty basic but it's delicious and was the reason most people came to the bakery I worked for. So, if you just want to try it, it's this:One 8 ounce box of cream cheeseTwo sticks of real butter (8 ounces)Two pounds of powdered sugar.Blend softened cream cheese and butter until well blended and...
So, sorry about Mom. I wish I could share my cakes with my mom too, who passed away before I started my cake hobby. Hang in there.Your cake is AWESOME! Beautiful colors...congrats! Mom would be proud.BTW, It's good to see a fellow Wisconsinite on CC. Sometimes I think I am the only one! I live close to Manitowoc.
I really wish CC would do long as at least one cake is included in the dessert table.
I read that your were a novice so I was prepared to be unimpressed. But no, my jaw DROPPED when I saw the photo! Beautiful job! Elegant. Can't wait to see what you come up with next time!
I finally got some pics uploaded and I was wondering the same thing: Does anyone know how this posting system actually works???
[quote="carmijok"]If you can, why not just paint your writing or decor on with a fine paintbrush and your gel colors? You can thin with extract if necessary, but I think it works better than the pens.I agree with carmijok. I just thin my gels with a tiny bit of vodka and paint away!
CONGRATULATIONS, LISA!Looks like being a CC forum addict really paid off. I am happy for you. BTW, your cuppie is adorable!
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