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Oh, never mind. I see you guys fixed the avatar bug and my photo IS showing up on forum posts! Could this site get any better? Thanks!
Thrilled out of my mind at the new site! Thank you CC! Bigger photos are awesome. I have an avatar, finally! Although it only shows up when I comment on pics, not when I post in the forums. I wish I could see the status of my cakes though without clicking on them (how many faves, how many views, etc.)Thanks so much Cake Central. You are a huge part of my cake life. Couldn't do it without CC.
So happy with most of the new changes! I LOVE Cake Central!
I used it for the igloo cake in my photos.
Ooops, sorry. I don't know how to post a link, but it's the tool belt cake in my pics.
Here is my most labor-intensive cake. Well worth it though...
No, you only need another cake board if your cake is over 4inches tall. HTH.
the arms probably are only going to take about a handful of fondant, so it'll be trial and error. any idea if it dries it out and cracks it? or just hardens it? the Gum tex that is - I am hoping to get back to the craft store if possible to pick it up.The gum tex will make your fondant stronger and dry faster. But if arms are "in the air" and not supported, you may need a toothpick for support.[/quote]
It could be carved cake or RKT. If the whole thing was fondant it would be way to heavy because of size.
I agree. I would be lost without CC.
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