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  The strawberries are probably glazed in boiled apricot jam, just heat in the microwave and sieve if there are lumps of fruit, and thinned down with a little water. 
But I don't think chocolate mixed with vegetable oil will give you just thins out the chocolate. It will probably set dull. I only think that because that's how my cake pops turn out because I don't temper the chocolate at all.  You could try this:
There's no picture!
Actually if you look at the very top edge of the drum at the front it is a bit glossy in places, although it could be the photo/lighting. Perhaps you could also try painting with thinned royal icing, instead of food colouring paint? That would dry matte.
You could also try wiping a paper towel over the wet white "paint" to remove some but I think you'd have to be pretty quick to do it before it dried. 
I wonder if the fondant is a dark grey colour, indented with a fork or some other tool to make the wood grain, then painted over with wide brush with thick paint made with white colouring? That's how I would attempt it. It looks really nice!
This should help you gauge how tall it is. I didn't do enough image searching to find out who made it.     You can make it 5ft tall, yes. Just secure all those dummies very well and use the correct supports in the real cakes.    Please make sure you charge megabucks for this cake - there is a lot of detail work and you will likely have to have the dummies custom made too.    Personally, I think having a cake taller than yourself is incredibly pretentious, but each...
I think Icing Images provides you with templates if you buy the paper from them, but you'd have to check on their website.   I do it myself in a Word document (you could also do it in Powerpoint). I have a bunch of circles set up in a table in Word, and import the images I want into each circle. The circles are just 5cm/2" diameter since that is the size of the paper punch I usually use for toppers, and I have a thin column in my table between the columns with the...
OMG I can't believe the state that cake is in! I agree that it looks like the cake was dropped. There is NO WAY a cake would break 360º just from going over bumps or leaning slightly in the box. I mean, it's broken all the way around! Makes me want to make one and drive like crazy around town and over speed bumps and out onto the countryside goat tracks with potholes, just to see what happens to it. I am pretty sure it wouldn't end up like this though. I really don't think...
Hopefully Mimi will see this and answer you since it is her recipe, but this happens to me on cakes that contain a large amount of sugar (like mud cakes - especially white chocolate mud cake). It could also be that your oven bakes at a higher temp than you think, I know my oven is very fierce and I reduce the temp on all my recipes. Are you flouring the pans, or just greasing them? Flour on the pans can sometimes make the edges crispy.
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