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I use PME/Fat Daddio's, others on here find they love Magic Line. Wilton...avoid, unless it is the Decorator Preferred range, which are better quality than the normal ones IMO.
Yes you can stick the strips to ganache, again with a little water - not too much or they will slide. I would put the water on the strips, rather than on the cake, so the fondant gets a little tacky. Only problem is you would have to cover the tops of the tiers in fondant anyway, unless you are going for a different look, and covering the entire cake with a layer of fondant means you don't need to be sooo careful about leaving any little gaps visible between the strips.
And make sure you line the layers back up properly if you are filling the cake! That would be easier on a square or oblong shaped cake. Does it HAVE to be round? Square or oblong would be sooo much easier I think, not having to curve all those sausages of cake or whatever is used into the to stop them sinking...I dunno, I have utmost respect for those who do surprise inside cakes, and I am sure they charge accordingly, so make sure you do too!
The video on the site won't play for me...what's the advantage of a clear plastic/acrylic scraper over a stainless one? Why the bevelled edge? I think the wear and tear might just mean it scratches easily...not that chunks of it will fall off. Might break if you drop it on the floor though I guess. I drop my stainless ones all the time...butterfingers!
Definitely use pans with straight edges, it will save you lots of hassle trimming them. Straight edge pans do not nest inside each other, that's the best way of finding out if they are straight!   Wet towel/baking strips...each to their own. I don't get much of a dome, if any (only on mud cakes and my carrot cakes), but I trim them all down anyway to level them and get the right size layers. 
They are huge...bigger than a Starbucks muffin and slightly more calories. They did offer various sizes though, it's not like they only sold the massive ones.Agree that it was likely poor management/shareholder demands, and that cupcakes will still be around for a veeery long time (well I hope so...I sell them to make a living...!)
I certainly don't agree with the opinion in the article that what people want now are cronuts!!! That was over before it even started...yuck.
I once delivered a 4 tier wedding cake to a hotel, 5 hours drive from my bakery. The hotel manager had assured me and the bride that it would be fine there until the wedding the next day. We left it in a spare banqueting room that was cool and would have no sunshine, and that also happened to be full of folded tables and a load of stacked chairs.    So the next day they set up the wedding. Someone decided not to move the cake and tried to get a folded table from behind...
Maybe they are taking so long since they are considering reprinting the cover to read 2014, since we are, now, in fact, over half way through 2014.
Tell her she HAS to have AC on in the car, and for her to wear a sweater if necessary. Cake should travel on the floor of the car - either in the passenger footwell, or in the trunk if the AC can get to it. Never let it travel on the seat, even if you do put a seatbelt round it, since the cake will be travelling at an angle. Non-slip matting under the cake inside the wrapped box, and another piece on the floor for the box to sit on.    And if she stops for food or...
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