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I have never done it, but I think that if you can change your printer settings so it thinks it is printing on thick paper/card, it might work. Edible paper printers are the same as non-edible printers, just with food colouring in the cartridges. It shouldn't get stuck...they don't get stuck in the edible printers.
Actually I would not bake in the pot. I would bake in sheets or rectangles and cut out circles of different sizes, or bake in different size circle pans. Then layer the circles in the pot after baking. Baking in the pot will take forever, plus there would be no filling in there! 
We've discussed this cake before and most, including myself, came to the conclusion that they are not fondant or dragee pearls but royal icing pearls applied with an icing bag, which is super fast and easy if you get the consistency of the RI right. But still, I wouldn't do it if I were the bride either.   (For my wedding I did what AZ says upthread - a 4 tier dummy and kitchen cakes, which didn't have the sides decorated by the way)
Baking a 5 or 6" deep one would take like 2 days and would not be a good bake. I would just bake another, the same height as you usually do. Put a layer of marzipan on one, and dowel it. Add a cake board with the other cake on top (and dowel the top cake, obviously, since this will be the bottom tier). Marzipan as one cake. Charge her double, since she will get double the servings. If she doesn't want to pay that much, offer her a 3" fruit on top of a 3" polystyrene, and...
They should be fine, as long as you keep them in the packaging they came in, and keep them in the dark too so they don't fade. Store them at room temp. They shouldn't go mouldy or anything, it's just sugar really.
Ooookay then, here is a link to her blog, hope it works. If not, just Google her name.
This is Linda McClure's website and she says the recipe is on her blog which is also linked on her web ;) http://www.*******************/
It would still be great to find out which brand it is in case you find one on Ebay or something. Otherwise, check out the Karen Davies lace moulds. It is definitely a mould, not a mat though, so try changing your search terms too ;)
On her Facebook page she comments that this lace mould has been discontinued...
Get 80 cupcake liners and start laying them out until you get a shape you like. If you do it on a large sheet of paper you can trace around your final layout so you can do it again with the real cupcakes. I've never done it, but that is what I would do.
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