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I did post on their FB page. They said it must be consistency. They also said that its an all or nothing tool. That didn't make me feel much better. And that if anything at least I can portion my cake balls out quickly. Frankly, I don't need a $100 tool, that takes up alot if cupboard space to portion out my cake pops for me. I bought it to ROLL my cake pops. I asked them what their icing to cake ratio is, just so I can compare my recipes to theirs and so I can tweak my...
second attempt... fail... this one I did red velvet and icing... still not holding it's shape when it rolls.  Really not happy...    Anyone else have the easy roller? Is anyone having success? If yes, what's your cake to icing  ratio/consistency?   So freaking glad I didn't pay full price for it. Sigh.
Do you think I could make it so it would be shallow enough to work with Sugarveil? Has anyone out there made their own mold and then used it with Sugarveil?
Lol, yes... Answer central... I LOVE!!! Thanks for the link!
Hi,   I'm wanting to make my own mold using a piece of lace. I want to be able to use the mold with Sugarveil. I know Sugarveil has their own lace molds, but I'd like to do my lace with a different pattern.   What do supplies would I need to make my own mold? And what would I need to do to make my mold with a piece of lace? I've never made my own mold before.   Thanks for your help! :)
I used piping gel before and it worked great. A little goes along way and 99.9% stayed on.
How big were your bottles? And how tall were your tiers?Also, did you put your intoning fondant? Did you use piping gel to get it to stick?Thanks for your help!
Oh I'd love to know how much you end up using! I saw the sprinkles tutorial on cake central and for the 3 or 4 tier cake, they said 4-5 pounds of sprinkles... That's alot!! I'm guessing I'll need 3 pounds worth (which I figured out this afternoon is about 12 - 4oz containers. AZCouture, please let me know how it goes! K8memphis, that's a good idea, I think I'll try that when I have some down time. (The wedding isn't until August. There should be enough time...)
They thought it was the consistency too. I put my Oreo truffles back in the fridge to get really cold and then kneaded it, like they recommended. It kinda worked. Some rolled well and some just were stuck. I'm going to try with cake next time and hopefully it'll be better. I'll let you all know what happens next time
I wonder how much I would need (sugar crystals) for an 8" & 12" cake? I hate trying to figure that out... I hate to be under or over by way too much. (Over is better obliviously )
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