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I have a "No cake for you" list and a "Don't work with this party planner ever again" list.   Some don't get the message though, as they keep calling/emailing even when I am ALWAYS busy and booked when "they" need a cake.
Of course!!!  LOL
 Quote: Quote: You are all sooooo funny!!!!  I totally agree...  Let me tell you I am so tired of the crazy clients that one of these days, probably very soon, I WILL say exactly what I am thinking Like those that think because a tier or more is a dummy, it should be practically free of charge... 
Yes... Robbery... as the Ferrari dealership is a scam!!!!!Post by emarcomb: "TO CAR DEALER: $200,000?!?! Why, I can get a used Ford Pinto for fifty dollars from this guy on my block!! This Ferrari dealership is a SCAM!!"LOL
Congratulations Luvs! I love the name of yr business, the turquoise color of the sign & cupcake box and the look of yr store. That round table on the corner is adorable. Wishing you much success !!!!!!! About your question... I think a napkin is enough for samples, how about turquoise color matching your logo/sign?
Haven't been here in a while but happy to stop by today just to read "emarcomd" comment. Can't stop laughing!!!!! Thank you!!!! Sometimes it feels like I am the only one that has to deal with this occasional kind of client then I come here to get some sanity back by realizing other cake designers go through this too.... My latest: client calls with a request, fondant cake with 3D fondant figurines. I quote her cake, she asks for a discount because she already bought a...
Totally agree with Leah! Happy for this post as I thought it was just me not being able to appreciate a "favorite" cake flavor with an attractive name.... at least the typical cream cheese frosting compensates for the lack of flavor.
Keep getting awful cracks!!! Have tried rolling fondant at different thickness, have used water, piping gel & BC to 'glue' fondant to dummy, why do I keep getting those cracks after fondant dries??? Any suggestions to solve this problem?
 Love this one !!!
"It seems like most people think the main cost is just the ingredients, so therefore no cake = lower cost. They don't understand the same exact amount of time goes into decorating and that's what they're paying for!"   That's exactly right "justdesserts" !!!
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