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I've been contacting them going on 4 -or 5 months for a refund since I haven't received ananything since the first one even on Facebook I'm being ignored!!!
Wow!! Soo glad I'm not alone! I've called, e-mailed and vented via voice mail. No one has responded or given me a refund! I subscribe in April during the last sale. this has really pissed me off. I will never order anything from cakecentral again!!
you could try to put a small foam ball or use the wilton cone form to get the shape and then take it out before the petals dry.     Just a suggestion, I would do that and it should leave you with an open rose.
wilton has a 3d bear pan. check your local michaels and joanns they should have one. they also have coupons out this week for 50% off. also for the hat check out wiltons 3d sports ball pans at the same stores. GOOD LUCK!!!!
i've used smucker's strawberry lemonaid mix to flavor my buttercream in the summer. I sift it with my powder sugar and then let it sit for a day. but in a hurry i would make a thick syrup and flavor it. but care to add it slowly and taste until you get the flavor you like. hope this helps.
I split mine and fill it all the time and if I use candy melts I just trim the outside of my bottom so that it is snug and give it a crumb coat before I put it in the shell. the top part as well I haven't been able to upload any recent photos but I have my first giant cupcake photo here and i used fondant for the top. it was a rush job for my sister.
QTCakes1 she hasn't seen a cake pop before so she assumed that they were about the size of a cupcake.Carmijok Her Famous cake tasting was after mine this weekend. Mine was on Thursday because i had another order this Saturday that went great! From what she told me the FB qouted her way more (she would specify) for their 3D topped cupcakes than I did and she "really" want me to do her party because they didn't have what she was looking for anyway. To All CC'rs I am...
Hahaha I think she felted that she could get me to lower the price even more because I don't have a store front.on Another note Her cousin my regular customer just called me and said that she want to order 2 dozen cupcakes next weekend and that she'll pay extra if I let her lick the bowl. Hehehe I feel confidant that my cupcakes are delicious
Mommachris you are sooo right! Also I live in Los Angeles and the place she is going to charged me $6.00 each to have a fondant purse put on buttercream vanilla cupcakes for my little sisters birthday a year ago so I wish her luck. If she calls me I will let everyone know.
I gave her a deal because I know her family and do a lot of cakes for them. But I explained that it is really detailed and that I would normally charge more. She says she really loved all the cupcakes I made but she wants to see if the professional will charge less. Unfortunately I broke my camera awhile back so I haven't had a chance to update my photos on CC. But I needed reassurance that I was actually not crazy for wanting to charge $3.50 which is about half price....
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