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A tray bake is your equivalent of a sheet cake. We serve it cut into squares. Usually just has buttercream/choc or other "frosting" on top as it isn't usually split and filled. I actually like the lemony drizzle especially if you are going to split or sandwich it with lemon curd and buttercream.   She is the cake queen here in the uk and her lemon drizzle is famous. the recipe on her website is a traybake but these quantitys would adapt to an 8" round cake tin  I use a zesty lemoncurd and buttercream for my filling.
Hope the move is going well Bashini. At least it seems you have a dry day. We have been in our house for 20 years. The thought of moving fills me with horror - especially with all this "cake stuff" I've acquired in the last 4 years.   Maisie - hope your little one is improving.
Hi Nanny   Pansy tutorials
Welcome Bianx. Plenty of advice here. as Dayscakes said. You will need to experiment as to what works best for you. Some prefer to roll out on icing sugar, some cornflour and some on trex. First make sure your fondant is well needed before attempting to roll it out. then keep picking it up and turning it to make sure it doesn't stick to your surface. You then have to move quickly to get it onto your cake as exposure to air causes it to dry out and will give you cracks....
Back to the onlay discussion - on the birdcage cake I have just posted I used the Triple Drop String Silicone onlay. I found it didn't cut as well as expected but when I discussed it with Dominic Palazzolo at NEC last year he suggested rolling the paste thinner. Something else in my box of tricks I need to experiment with.
Oh I think this website has been hacked - seen the recent discussion list?
Morning Bashini, Re the vases, I originally bought two sizes of vases (LSA column vases) and did a trial stack on cake dummies and drums and decided the larger one was too big so took it back.
I opted for the Silhouette SD cutter which I got shipped over from the US before they became available here. (Patience isn't my strong point!) now the machine is the Silhouette cameo which is wider so cuts bigger designs and readily available here though probably needs to be on a Christmas present wish list. Basically it is a cutter for use in crafting but with the adapted blade developed by Linda McLure can be used to cut gumpaste. You can use any font you have in your...
Nannycook/Bashini the wedding cake is a three tier separated by vases filled with petals. Roses, orchids, stephanotis and some foliage on each tier. Well that is the plan anyway!  However I jammed my thumb in a drawer on Friday evening and it is turning a nice shade of black. Not a great thing to do when you have loads of flowers to wire! Made finishing the cakes due out at the weekend a bit of a challenge. Anyway 12 inch chocolate/ 10 inch chocolate and caramel and 8 inch...
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