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kenidicalamity - Thanks for the great tip about craft stores. Perfect time to buy molds for such a cake!!!JamAndButtercream - Such great tips. Thanks!! The cake is for a 15 year old girl, but she does not want it to be girly what so ever. jennifercullen - Thanks for the tips, lustre spray sounds pretty awesome. As far as size I'm thinking a 12in round and maybe an 8 in round on top of that. Skull as a tier does sound pretty cool though.
Looking to make an emo/gothic cake. The following was requested....ChainsStudsSkullsZippers (Zip & unzipped)SpikesAny tips or advice anyone has to offer would be greatly appreciated!!!Also any advice on how to achieve a shiny silver for the studs, spikes & chains?
Another thread same topic
that video was great!! So informative!! I Can't wait to try this!!! Thank you sooooo much bobwonderbuns!!!
bobwonderbuns those scarfs are beautiful!!! Thanks for the idea!!!
I am looking to make a "little BIG Planet" cake for an upcoming birthday....been racking my brain to try and come up with a way to make my figure look like he's been stitched, because he is a "sackboy" Any ideas would be appreciated!! Thanks for Looking!!!BTW - "little BIG Planet" is an adorable video game.
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