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Hi! To avoid this, I've recently started waiting a day after baking to decorate. I put the cool cookies in a container with a lid with parchment between the layers. It seems to keep the cookies soft but soaks up some of the oil before decorating. Good luck!
I ended up letting the flood icing sit for longer (over an hour) and ran a toothpick through after flooding and they turned out much better. Thanks again, everyone!
Oh, okay! I get it now, kakeladi! thanks!Blueskies4444, I will try that as well!One more question... what speed do you all mix your royal at? I use the paddle on medium/medium-high on my KitchenAid for about 7 minutes or until it's stiff. Is that too fast maybe, and it's adding extra bubbles?Goodness, I'm questioning everything right now!
thanks everybody! I let my icing rest for about an hour before using. Kakeladi, do you mean to mix it with a wisk instead of the stand mixer when I first start to make the icing, or after I let the icing rest to get the bubbles that rise to the top out?I love Sugarbelle's blog... I've been there off and on watching and reading, too!
Hi all! I've had this problem for over a year and can't find a solution. It seems like every time I flood cookies with royal, they get what looks like teeny tiny bubbles that show up as it dries. I use Sugarbelle's 20 sec icing recipe and it goes on great, any bubbles I see I pop with a toothpick and smooth over. I've also used other recipes and thinner flood coats with the same "bubbles." I use a squeeze bottle (sometimes a bag) mostly to apply the flood coat. I...
Beautiful cookies, Alvarga! Thanks for the tips!
Hi again! I'm exploring using a marshmallow fondant on my cookies. I have a question, though, for you seasoned decorators. For more detailed designs, like a train, car, etc. (anything with a base plus extra little things on top), how is this done? Do you put on a mmf base then add more cut out mmf for the different colored wheels, windows, stripes, etc.? Or do you put on a mmf base and pipe the different colors with royal? Or third, do you cut out different mmf...
I've been having this problem, too. My royal always looks kind of "bumpy" on the tops of my sugar cookies, like little hills and valleys. Definitely not flat. The tops of my cookies (before decorating) seem flat, but that changes after the royal is on. Is there a way to put my royal on better so that it's more even, maybe? I usually use a squeeze bottle and Sweet Sugarbelle's 20 second royal and I shake the cookie gently after flooding. Help! Thanks!
Hi! I put some red royal icing (Wilton recipe, Americolor coloring) on some cookies last night and it looked great. However, when I woke up this morning it had dried really strangely and was kind of sticky. It is humid here in Ohio right now, but I have the central air on and we have a humidifier on our furnace. This didn't happen with any of the other colors (white, orange, pink, yellow). I posted a picture, hope it came through. I've never seen this happen...
thank you!
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