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Good morning!  I've been asked to make cake pops like these and I'm not sure the best way to get the chocolate "wool" effect.  Also, I can't figure out how they got the ears on there, if it's just more chocolate or if it's a flat piece dipped and attached.  What do you guys think?  Any tips would be great!  Thanks!
thank you very much!
Hi!  I'd like to put personalized images/text on the larger marshmallows but I'm not quite sure the best way to do it.  I'd loooove one of the printers that prints right on them (only $14,000!), but sadly, not gonna happen.  So the only other way I could think to do it was to use the edible images, either frosting sheets or wafer paper.  Which one would work better?  Has anyone ever done this?  Any tips you could give me?   Thanks!           Maria
Anyone?  Can you share why you would use cake boxes over plastic clamshell boxes, or vice versa?  thanks!
Hi!  I had a bit of an issue over the weekend with putting my iced cupcakes in a plastic clamshell container.  I thought I left them open long enough for the icing to crust and then closed the container, but maybe not.  The icing got kind of "uncrusted" and soft by the next day.  It was odd.  Does the icing need air overnight?  Has anyone had this issue?  What did you do to avoid it.  Would using cardboard boxes be better, or will they dry the cupcakes out?   Thanks!
I use the Reynolds white liners.  You can get them at GFS in a box of 500 for around $4.  If I need a colored or patterned one, I still bake in a white liner and pop it into the special one after baking.  I find that these liners work best and don't separate from the cupcake like others do.
I like the Chocomaker melts (in 2 lb.bags at HL or Flower Factory).  It's actually fountain ready chocolate, but they work great for cake pops, too.  Stays very liquidy after melting for a good amount of time, extra drips off the pop very well, and sets up quickly. For white chocolate, I still like the Chocomaker, but if I need a white white color (like for wedding cake pops), I like Merckens super white, just add some paramount crystals if needed to thin out a bit.
mareg, yes, you can add coloring to white melts.  but make sure you get the coloring intended for chocolate, not icing.
Thanks Jason!
I can't recall if they're greaseproof, but I love the white Reynolds liners.  When I want to dress them up I use the white/foil ones.  You can get them at most groceries or in a box of 500 at GFS if you have one near you.
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