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I stumbled across this today.  Thought you might like it too.
On  you can buy a premade logo that they will customize for you.  The designs are about $99.00 You don't have to run a contest and spend hundreds of dollars.   Good Luck
I like the business name, and ideas.  I would totally go there. I'm not a pink frilly girl either.  Lots of us aren't. Like salsaman42 said, word of mouth says a lot.  Also your regular customers might get married one day and choose you because they love your cakes and know your work, and recommend you to their friends and family.  I think it would work out if you have displays, photos and dummy wedding cakes for customers to view when they come in.   I say go for...
I use milk always and have never had that happen.  I've also used orange extract, not oil, with the milk no problem.   I'm thinking it's the orange oil and milk combo causing the trouble.   Too bad that happened.  Not sure it is savable.   Looking close at the photo it really does look curdled.
I would use something like this, and gently press it into the buttercream.   I'm sure they sell them in varies stores.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.
I think it's odd for people to ask your age, and a bit inappropriate really.  No one ever asks me.  Over the phone people don't know, and when they see you it's a really strange question.  I would say "old enough to know that question is inappropriate and none of your business".  But hey that's just me.  I really don't think it matters anyway, if you do great work.  If I loved your cakes and your work I wouldn't care if you are 15 or 95.   Anyway, if you want to...
Good for you!   There are some customers who aren't worth the trouble.   I wouldn't do the cake you posted, with tiers fo 6-8-10 for one cent less than $265.00 maybe more.   We can't make everyone happy.  And we can't let ourselves be taken for a ride either.  You are worth so much more than he was willing to pay.  Remember that next time.  If you want to practice make dummys and add them to your portfolio. Or make cakes and donate them.   I'm really glad you turned...
they look like buttercream.  Piped like the Lily of the Valley flower.  But meant to look like blossoms on a tree.  You could probably make little fondant blossoms, that would work too.   Here is a link for piping lily of the valley.  You only need the blossom tip Wilton 81   Very pretty cake.
You've asked this question on more than one website.  And you've gotten the same answers on them all.    If you don't want to follow the directions, then do it your own way and see how it turns out.
That's funny!   Didn't she see them when she bought them?   Anyway like scrumdiddlycakes said, all cupcakes look like little muffins.   Thanks for the laugh.
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