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Most of them are, but check it out to be sure. What band are you using? I might know if I'm familiar with that brand. I am Gluten-Free and only bake & decorate Gluten-Free.I'll check it out for you.
There is nothing like the feeling of winning. LOL You are now 1 - 0 over technology. Good for you for not giving up.Thanks for sharing your sense of giddy excitement, it made me laugh.Tell your husband, "You will always win, so be aware"Have fun printing edible images.
Just want to send HUGS and my deepest condolences. All the other posts have very eloquently said all the right things and all the things I too would say.Take care of yourself, give yourself time and space. You will know when it is the right time again to bake and decorate. But for now everyone will understand. You have every right to feel the way you do. Don't be hard on yourself.I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Take Care
The salt water soaking and baking will kill the Salmonella Bacteria. If it happens to be there at all.I think it is very neat. Thanks for sharing. I might try it too.
Sit him on a rock or log or tree stump on the edge of the water. Those can be easily be made with cake scraps or icing, or even fondant.Good Luck
You should cool the cakes after they are filled. Put them in the fridge for a while before you ice the rest and apply fondant to cold cakes.There is another thread about this same issue. I saw it just a few minutes ago. this post, it is ling but might be helpful.Good Luck
Check the Wilton site: the old patterns are available online for free, and all the instructions are there too.Good Luck.I like the one Kendra_83 posted too.
This is interesting, maybe it can be incorporated into a the cake. is interesting too: 60TH ANNIVERSARY FLOWER MEANINGOrchids - Means love, beauty, wisdom, thoughtfulness, refinement, luxury, strength, rare beauty, magnificence beautiful lady, mature charm and long life.It is also the "Chinese symbol for many children."My parents are getting there too, maybe I should start thinking about it now.Google...
Hi;I strictly bake and decorate Gluten-Free. I have had no trouble with my cakes, but I also bake from scratch. I guess the easiest and cheapest thing to do is buy GF cake mixes and try them out. They can be expensive and often only make a single layer. It is hard to give you tips because it is an whole different way of baking and unless you are going to do it all the time it is not worth the money to buy all these extra and expensive ingredients. Try different...
Did you input the the cost of your flour under the Master Ingredient list? If you did it should come up. I had trouble when the ingredient was set up in lbs and my recipe was in cups. I had to change a few things in my Master List.Email Cake Boss directly, they will help you quickly. I've contacted them a few times and they get back to me quickly and are VERY helpful.Good Luck
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