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Hi all,   Does anyone know website where I can purchase laser-cut cupcake wrappers? I'm looking for purple and turquoise but having trouble finding these two colours on GSA and Amazon. Any recommendations?
Hi,   Can anyone recommend websites where I can purchase Ateco mini gold foil baking cups in wholesale quantities? I've tried Ateco's website but haven't found it.   Thanks!
  Hi pbuder! I was using no-name 3" high cake pans. They all dented within a few uses, warped and worse, the square ones were badly soldered in the corners so my oven has caught afire many times from the grease lining the pans dripping in the oven. I'm really happy and excited with my new Fat Daddio pans. I've never owned such professional grade cake pans but they were so cheap at D&G I couldn't believe it! Paid like $4.99US and $6.49US for for the small ones and I think...
I am so excited I had to come on here to let everyone know who is in the market to upgrade or buy new cake pans, please try Fat Daddio's anodized baking pans! I went to Orlando for Christmas and took everyone's advice to go up with an empty suitcase and oh boy did I have a great time in D&G Occasions! I saw Edna and a lot of others from Florida say this is the place to get all your cake stuff.   I just used the 6,9 & 12" x 2" Fat Daddio cake pans with bake-even...
I too offer 3 flavours. Do you give them a box of 2 cupcakes per flavour? Also, do you let them eat it in front of you? So far, I let everyone take home a 6-count box and they get back to me.
This is exactly how I feel! I love CakeBoss. I purchased it last night but you will still need to compile your annual overheads in an excel sheet listing and spread it over 12 months and then by the estimated number of montly orders.
I just purchased CakeBoss software last night, went through all the tutorial videos and absolutely love it! I was using a simple excel sheet I created for recipes and to cost jobs. Now that I have CakeBoss, everything is in one spot and I am seeing how I have been undercharging badly! It is very frightening! I definitely recommend this software to everyone who needs help pricing their goods. I thought I was charging right but this software is really worth...
Hey thanks yall. I must give the RI a try and paint over. That would be most cost effective.  
Wow thanks for the links. Look how this thread proved to be so helpful. Glad so many of you all chimed in.  
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