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That is cute!
I think this also goes to the generation we live in where everyone (generally) feels they are entitled to everything even if they can't afford it. I feel so bad when clients can't afford an expensive cake but as my mum says, these are a luxury item that nobody has to have. The fact that they want it does not mean you have to lose money on it. I've started telling clients that make a fuss about the charge and want a discount that if I gave into them I'd have to to everyone...
 What is angel food cake?
That's gorgeous, any thought on how to make the cotton though? BC I think would be too heavy looking and fondant too smooth although I could get  a rough look to it I'm not sure how 'cotton-y' it would look. Modelling chocolate would be the same. Although maybe covered in icing sugar?
 Just burst out laughing at that word, love it! You're right about the cakes, I'm just trying to get a feel although I definitely think that between AZ's idea and yours I will manage to make something resembling cotton. Rfisher we're still waiting for the photo......
What do you guys think of these?    
Thanks so so much AZ, love the ideas. Not sure she wants 2 tiers though, she is happy with one tier (she doesn't want to pay for 2 tiers). It's only for 20 people so doesn't need to be big. I'll speak to her and let you know:)
Client wants something that will easily be recognized at the anniversary party as cotton for the first year,  I don't think she can be talked out of it.   The cotton flower looks cool, maybe I can do something with it. It's for 20 people so if I do a cake for that size and then have these cotton flowers on it? although I'm not sure how recognizable they are.
Thanks everyone, K8 in France its cotton. I have no idea what to do. I worry that it will turn out looking like towels or laundry like Rfisher says. I have googled different ideas in terms of cake of cotton, anniversary cake cotton etc but have not found anything. Please keep the ideas coming, thanks so much.
I've been asked to make a first anniversary cake with the theme of cotton and I'm stumped. Have any of you any idea of the sort of cake I could make? Client wants it to resemble cotton or something like that. Any thoughts?
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