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 I've done those in the past but bc I'm somewhat not too coordinated although they came out good I find the Agbay to be more accurate.
Agbay, Agbay, Agbay. The end.
 That's interesting Mimi, I  don't bake mine for that long & have not had a problem with dryness but appreciate knowing that now. Thanks
  Brilliant! I got a call yesterday for someone who sent me a photo of a 2 tier cake with teddy bears and building blocks on it - pretty well detailed & when I gave her the price she responds with "oh, I only wanted to spend €55"You think if I go into a high end boutique, pick up a handbag that's priced hundreds of € and tell them I can only pay €55 they would let me have it? Am I being too mean by not making it for what is essentially for free???
I tell my clients how many the chart says it will feed but I also tell them that I can't promise bc it will depend on how they cut the slices. Don't forget kids will eat smaller slices as will those on diets so it's hard to give an exact number.
Great, thanks so much everyone.
Thanks K8, so if I understand it correctly I wouldn't cover the cotton balls?
That is cute!
I think this also goes to the generation we live in where everyone (generally) feels they are entitled to everything even if they can't afford it. I feel so bad when clients can't afford an expensive cake but as my mum says, these are a luxury item that nobody has to have. The fact that they want it does not mean you have to lose money on it. I've started telling clients that make a fuss about the charge and want a discount that if I gave into them I'd have to to everyone...
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