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Magic Line all the way.
I recently started to dam my cakes and  definitely recommend it. An inch is high for filling imo it's true on CakeBoss they seem to make very high dams but you know, a lot of people like cream esp if it's good and compliments the cake. Forgot to add, you definitely need to let the settle, over night if possible.
No it doesn't. It's only a few drops and basically to cut the sweetness.
I use JessiCakes recipe and it calls for lemon extract and vanilla extract do you can definitely add some.
Ugh, I thought that by adding an extra egg it would work out the same but I can tell the recipe is off slightly. Still tastes good but it just doesn't 'look' right. Will have to scour the shops tomorrow for my regular size; then weigh them as previously suggested so that I'll know for future.  Thanks!
Oooh, that's so pretty.
It's time to put the topic to rest, I don't think anyone meant anything nasty, racist, anti semitic whatever by it. Cheers all.   On another line on eggs - I usually use large eggs but yesterday the store was out of them so I bought the smaller size, there is a difference ( I can tell when measuring) so I added an extra one to make it up, have any of you any experience in egg sizes?
^^I agree with Lizzie.
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