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Are you located in Florida? The Florida Cottage Food Act was passed in July to allow food biz from your home. Here are the guidelines from the Florida Dept. of Ag.
That is correct. I have spoken directly to the department of rev. We also sell products to cake decorators and those are taxable.
It depends on where you are located if you can use syrup in the recipe. In Florida if you make Isomalt with anything, but water, it will start melting in less than an hour. If you are in a low humidity area it could work. Another idea is to bake the isomalt. On a silpat mat spread a few drops of water around, just a sprinkle. Next spread dry isomalt crystals (pre-cooked) and cover with another silpat. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 min. It should be a beautiful coral. ...
We got Square in January and have used it hundreds of times with no problem. The cell phone doesn't store any of the information on the card, therefore keeping the cardholder safe. We have recommended them so many times we should get a kick-back! LOL!
We sell Amazing Mold Putty on our website, but you can also find it at Michael's Crafts or Make Your Own Mold is Both putty are food grade silicone. Amazing Mold Putty dries faster here in Florida, we had to wait overnight for Make Your Own Mold, but both are very good products.
The only way that comes to mind to get a clear glass is to cast it in isomalt/sugar. You could do blown sugar if you are used to working with it, but for casting you would make a mold of the glass with a two part food grade putty (like Amazing Mold Putty or Make Your Own Mold). It sets up in about an hour for thick molds. When it's done you pour the melted isomalt into it. You can do it in two parts and glue them together. I did see some cakes where they made the...
For the tiniest gems you use a toothpick and just drop the isomalt into the mold like you would a spoon. After they come out give them a super quick shot with the torch to clean them up beautifully.
Yes! We use Nutella as a filling. It spreads beautifully. It tastes especially good with a chocolate icing.
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