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By irregular I meant it looked more like one made from royal icing with a brush than one cut from gum paste - they always look smoother and thinner to me - it may just be me......
Gum paste? Looked too "irregular" to me - but I'll give it a try. Thanks!!
What is this flower? Looks like made with gum paste... Thanks 
Tricky situation - they looked great, tested great - I wouldn't want to have baked them any longer - I was afraid they would be "overdone".  Hmm.....   Thanks.
What causes a cupcake that comes out of the oven looking awesome, with a nice dome, and the toothpick coming out clean, to "fall" as it is cooling?
I love this look - does anyone know how it is done - almost looks like "strings" running through it.
How do you get your cupcakes to have nice round domes on them???
Thanks so much!
Can you freeze left over cream cheese frosting? I wonder about it separating due to the cream cheese. Thanks.
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