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Basic rule: larger and/or deeper pans need to bake at a lower temp for a longer time. You'll just have to guess and check. (And I never hesitate to open the oven door if I want to check progress.)
When I click on your link, it only shows one pan, Wilton 2105-5038 Giant Cupcake Pan.
Try one and decide if they taste good enough to give out. And tell all the moms that you made fat-free cupcakes. They'll be thrilled 
I'm so sorry, Hon. I agree with morganchampagne. Cookies sound like a wonderful way to show how much you love your Dad.
I think he did it as a joke, with us as the punchline.
I think everyone who eats cake considers themselves to be an expert.   
 Just curious... If you have never tasted Red Velvet, and don't know what it tastes like, how will you know if your flavor profile is close to your product's name?
 I prefer iced decaf. (Flavored water without stimulants!)   
 I'm sure adding more flour is the answer. Listen to Denise.
At the very beginning of my career, the director of my daughter's day care center wanted to bake her own cake and asked me to decorate it. This woman was an excellent baker and I'd planned on giving her a present, so I agreed. The wedding was Saturday and although we had agreed on my receiving the cake on Thursday, Friday afternoon she brought her lopsided mess into my bakery. On almost every point (burned on one side, unbaked in the middle, not the size or flavor we had...
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