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 I know it seems enticing, but it may not be worth the expense of ingredients and your time (baking, plus standing there selling). Please rethink. And if you take the ingredients as a business expense, you are not allowed to also use them as a donation.
Please think about this: At your pricing, you are paying people to be your customers. That means your personal money is subsidizing your business. It would be more lucrative to just get a minimum wage job. Then you wouldn't have all the work and headaches that go along with running a food business.
Thanks enga, valiant try. But sorry, you do realize this has been addressed MANY times. Now we're simply waiting for more members to find this thread and add even more fuel to the open-pit fire.   Also, people come to CakeCentral to learn. It is uncalled for to send them to other sites that will reap the benefit of people clicking on ads. 
 Hi tessholly1, I think cream cheese icing is the biggest appeal to those of us who are not southerners... I looked over these recipes, but I've not tried them. Let us know if you like any.  Waldorf Astoria Red Velvet CakeSouthern Recipe Red Velvet Cake Paula Deen's Red Velvet Cake
 Red velvet cake should have a subtle, tangy flavor which necessitates buttermilk (or vinegar) which the above recipe lacks; and this recipe has more cocoa than found in traditional RV cakes.  As a cultural aside, we often prefer tastes introduced to us when we're young. So people from the southern US are more likely to prefer this cake.   For ten years I owned a bakery/cafe in central New York. I sold my shop and moved to the southern US, then opened a bakery-sandwich...
It's been less than three hours. Is this an emergency? The courteous approach for receiving help is to post your question(s) and wait for responses.
Pricing your cakes. 
 Creating shortcuts is a necessary part of running a well-organized, efficient business. Some work, some don't; but take educated guesses and move ahead. 
 This is my suggestion, too. But if your cake batter is thin, chop the chips into small lightweight pieces so they don't sink.
 Was this a CC forum thread?
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