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 Just curious... If you have never tasted Red Velvet, and don't know what it tastes like, how will you know if your flavor profile is close to your product's name?
 I prefer iced decaf. (Flavored water without stimulants!)   
 I'm sure adding more flour is the answer. Listen to Denise.
At the very beginning of my career, the director of my daughter's day care center wanted to bake her own cake and asked me to decorate it. This woman was an excellent baker and I'd planned on giving her a present, so I agreed. The wedding was Saturday and although we had agreed on my receiving the cake on Thursday, Friday afternoon she brought her lopsided mess into my bakery. On almost every point (burned on one side, unbaked in the middle, not the size or flavor we had...
I think she expects you to be more flexible. Her primary motive is a cheap cake and she wants you to help her achieve that goal. 
 You're right Fiore, Anna's post had not yet appeared at the the time we posted. Weird! ...  But her situation highlights an issue we have discussed on here many times. That everyone who has a kitchen and enjoys baking wants to start up a food business, regardless of their knowledge and skill level. 
 Very interesting, FioreCakes, you could be right. I thought the OP meant that since CC members would be helping her for free, that she would do likewise.
 The OP startled me with this thread. After reading it several times, I figured she was either independently wealthy, or had an employed spouse/partner, or wanted to yank our collective chain.  
 The liability issue is when a restaurant purchases from an unauthorized source. If your license allows you to sell wholesale, then soliciting restaurant business is feasible. In NY, wholesale is permitted under the CFL and several of my students are currently supplying local restaurants, delis, and coffeeshops. However, if your skill level is not at the point where your cakes are restaurant quality, it may benefit you to practice before heading out the door. Best of luck...
 Always check with your local authorities. The above site has a lot of information and is a good place to start. But states have different regulations and within some states it can differ from county-to-county, so there's also some inaccurate info on this site. 
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