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I'd like to know what the problem is. For pricing, I always direct people to Google and insert the cake central pricing links. That way it's easier for them to find all the threads.
I always add more extract to recipes I consider tasteless. Plus a smidgen more salt. (Smidgen is half of a pinch.)  
It adds more fat to the recipe. Sometimes it works, sometimes it's too much fat. I've had more success than not, but it also increases the cost. You'll have to experiment - enjoy! 
Agree. Also, plastic wrap is somewhat porous. It's fine for short term freezer storage, but for longer than a week it's best to place the wrapped cakes in foil, plastic bags, or a large tub.
Your license to collect sales tax comes from the state. Contact your state tax dept. And read this, it's quite helpful
Yes, thank you Mbalaska and Morganchampagne! The most successful people are those who understand that the business aspect is far more important than being a great baker/decorator.
Sorry. Forgot the smiley face.    
 What an interesting idea. But your process has me confused. Please explain more.
Typically, batters low in fat will stick to paper liners, so adding more oil might work. But Apti has a great solution. Given the short amount of time, that would be my course of action. 
It's the customer's responsibility to decide the message.You're a cake decorator, not a copywriter. If it's totally horrendous and against your principles, tell her no. (If you're just a bit uncomfortable, add it to the cake and know that it won't be the last time you'll be in this position.)
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