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Add confectioners' sugar. Lemon zest for flavor is fine, but juice will only thin it more.
 I totally agree with cakegrandma. It's unfortunate that some posters will proudly insist they have a booming business because of all the goods they've donated. Maybe that's possible but most of us agree that donating rarely brings business. If it's a cause you support, then please do donate. But otherwise, smile and say, "I'd love to, but..."
If it's a recipe used in business, then no. I tell people they can have the recipe when I'm no longer selling that item. It also works to direct them to
Turn the oven back on. Don't be impatient! Continue baking and the cake may turn out great! Let us know!!
Whipped cream makes the cake perishable so it needs to be refrigerated. Wrapping the cake is up to you, but if it's not wrapped it may pick up other flavors (such as fish or onions)  that are in your fridge. Many home goods stores sell plastic tubs that will keep your cakes fresh. Enjoy your cake! 
 Your description is somewhat confusing so it's hard to know what's happening. You wrote "up and coming business" which sounds like she's new and inexperienced. That's not a good sign. And you wrote she hosts "parties for the less fortunate?" What the heck does that mean?  I suggest you wish her well and graciously decline. Then run far, far away.
After this order you may never want to do them again.
 Hmmm, I don't know. I would never wildly under- or over-proof any yeasted item. I know what can happen. And underbaking has it's own inherent issues. Yes, there's some forgiveness, but many things can go wrong if we don't pay attention. Good luck in your career!  And welcome to CC!!
Refrigerating (or freezing) batters is common practice in retail/commercial bakeries. There might be some recipes that won't work properly, but I've never had a problem. All my muffin, coffeecake, cake, cookie batters and doughs were mixed in a 30 qt mixer.   All ingredients are incorporated, including leaveners. Batters are poured into tubs and placed in the cooler. The morning baker (usually me) scoops out muffins and pans coffeecakes right from the refrigerated tubs....
You should be fine mixing everything together and putting the batter in your fridge. Tomorrow just bake as usual. I've done this for 30 plus years with no problems.
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