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 That was a very detailed post with far too much painful, extraneous information. I'm  not sure what you're telling us, but my heart goes out to you. You asked what we think you should do. If I were you I would reconsider being a business owner, because it's not just about the cake. There are too many potential problems waiting to happen.
You asked for advice. I think you're in a toxic situation and would be much happier working for yourself. 
 What would I think if I owned a bakery and one of my employees secretly started her own business so she was actually a business competitor with complete daily access to my business?  And how would I feel if I knew she was blasting me on a cake forum, saying I was a thief and a drama queen?
Is this the same bakery you wrote about 7 months ago, in September?
For display trays, I've ordered from Hubert and Webstaurant and Global. Instead of using the traditional bakery trays, large plates and platters can work. I've had great luck finding them at my local home goods stores. 
She sounds like big trouble waiting to happen. I have little patience with these types of customers. You don't want to tell her she's a jacka$$? Well then, tell her thank you very much, you are now booked. 
Congratulations! I wish you well!! It's so nice to hear from someone who actually followed through. I'd be a millionaire if I had a dollar for everyone who said they were going to open a storefront.   When you give samples, you are inviting people to taste your product. You are not obligated to supply them with take-home treats. No one needs a box when a napkin fulfills your intent. If anyone asks for a box you can say, "Sorry, not for samples, but if you would like to...
 Did you know that NY has a cottage food law and you can get a Home Processor permit? 
 Do you have a retail store? If so, do you give out samples?
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