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In some CFL states, fruit fillings in cakes and breads are considered a hazardous product because of the potential for mold. But this is not applied consistently. As stated above, if anyone wants to follow the law they should contact their inspector.
 To clarify, in the U.S. we are allowed to turn customers away, as long as we don't discriminate against people based on race, ethnicity, religion, etc. Those groups are protected by law. Crazy customers are not (currently) protected. 
David, I know you mean well, but I just read through the Questions and Answers on your New York page and your answers are not entirely accurate. Anyone who wants to have a home-based food business MUST apply for a Home Processor Permit. And rumors aside, I am positive that NYC allows home-based food businesses.    Please call the NYS Dept of Ag & Mkts (Albany) for help. (518) 457-8835. Otherwise, it is safest to only respond to specific questions by telling people to...
I'm sorry about all the problems. Unfortunately, things do happen. As professionals we need to accept responsibility, (set aside any rationalizations), apologize, and give a full refund. Then work hard at keeping our standards high.
Fastest and simplest way to use up your heavy cream: add sweetened chocolate powder and grab a straw.
It's important to have a reliable and consistent web presence. Therefore, every business needs a website regardless of having a Facebook page. We have no control over Facebook (here today but maybe not here tomorrow; free today but maybe not free tomorrow).
Patching cakes together is common practice in bakeries. No one will notice, they'll all be too busy eating and admiring that gorgeous cake! 
FLIP is $299 a year for almost all home food businesses. And I use my auto for personal and business and have excellent coverage. I'm not sure what the problem is with your specific needs. I suggest you talk with a FLIP agent and also find an agent who sells both residential and commercial insurance. 
David, I just saw that your website is being updated this weekend. Excellent! Something that can help is to have a link for each state that goes to either their Dept of Ag & Mkts or to their applicable law. And PS - for NY, direct delivery of products is not allowed. Wholesale is allowed, which includes sales to restaurants and retail stores.
  This is a serious flaw in how you collect and dispense information. The internet is filled with people who spread rumors. We see it on CakeCentral all the time. As well meaning as you seem to be, anyone who represents themselves as an expert needs to have more evidence than hearsay derived from an individual with no known authority, knowledge, or skill. 
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