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 Good idea Kate. New York's CFL allows wholesale to restaurants so that would be a great market. Retail sales, however, are restricted to agricultural venues such as farmers' markets. Nancy would only need to apply for the Home Processor permit for selling wholesale. But specialty cake sales to individuals are not allowed so she would need a commercial kitchen to be legal.
I wonder how this will affect cupcake sales in general. Now that the iconic Crumbs has suddenly closed every store, it might reflect poorly on this product category. 
Your recipe is heavy on the butter - quite rich! You can whip in butter, shortening (nontransfat if you prefer), or just more confectioners' sugar. If your mixer bowl is large enough you should have no problem. When I make buttercream for my family, I don't measure and don't follow a recipe. IMO it's impossible to mess up American buttercream.
 It's possible that the cake could have remained in the box "exactly the way" you boxed it. When I see those forks (they're forks, right?) my imagination says they looked into the box, saw a cake in pieces, and got hungry. Hence, forks in box.
 Just asking. This is not a business for you so I can see where your concern is limited by personal constraints. Still, I'd be concerned about the issues I mentioned above. I suggest you bring a kit when you return for the event. It never hurts to have extra buttercream, tools, etc. Good luck and enjoy the wedding!
I suggest you write a short business plan that covers these question. You will have a lot of money invested in inventory. If I was in your situation, my focus would shift from sourcing products for resale, to customers/sales/volume.  
I was thinking about you, too. Thanks for your update and the best of luck to you!
 I'd be concerned about this part. Where will it be stored? Will it be set up? Who has access? etc...
You're in our thoughts and prayers. Take care...
I have a convection oven but usually bake without the fan. I'm pretty sure this topic has been discussed a few times. It may help to search for "buying new home oven" or whatever keys words will work for you.   And P.S. - For the best thread ever, visit Found hair in my oven. Don't forget to vote.
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