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 Then lucky you if she's not answering. Giving customers a break leads to big problems and lost revenue.
For this "shopping event" you're selling or donating ?
Just being polite... 
Julia, meet James, one of our many squirrels.  
 We've all been there. Life can really stink sometimes. CC is a good starting place to post. I've made some wonderful friends here, people who do understand the difficulties of running a food business. If you want specific help on this subject, please speak up. And if you have other non-business topics, the Lounge is a good forum. Welcome to CC!!!  
Sign up for some classes in a culinary school or adult ed program. You will meet others who may also need companionship.
 Welcome to our forum, Julia. Or as James so often says to newbies, "Welcome to the squirrel cage. Watch out for the nuts."  Forums attract diverse personalities. Please stick around and get a feel for our community before taking offense at how members communicate.
I'd crank up the heat, lock the front door, then sit down with cake and a big fat glass of cold milk.
 I'm not sure what your question is. I wrote about this topic last year. Non-Toxic Does Not = Edible 
 $20 is a nice round number. Or you could take the advice offered by craftybanana. 
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