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Congratulations! I wish you well!! It's so nice to hear from someone who actually followed through. I'd be a millionaire if I had a dollar for everyone who said they were going to open a storefront.   When you give samples, you are inviting people to taste your product. You are not obligated to supply them with take-home treats. No one needs a box when a napkin fulfills your intent. If anyone asks for a box you can say, "Sorry, not for samples, but if you would like to...
 Did you know that NY has a cottage food law and you can get a Home Processor permit? 
 Do you have a retail store? If so, do you give out samples?
 Around here we like to say: Practice Practice Practice.  PS - Cherry bomb, as in "mixed drink" or "explosives"? 
 Then lucky you if she's not answering. Giving customers a break leads to big problems and lost revenue.
For this "shopping event" you're selling or donating ?
Just being polite... 
Julia, meet James, one of our many squirrels.  
 We've all been there. Life can really stink sometimes. CC is a good starting place to post. I've made some wonderful friends here, people who do understand the difficulties of running a food business. If you want specific help on this subject, please speak up. And if you have other non-business topics, the Lounge is a good forum. Welcome to CC!!!  
Sign up for some classes in a culinary school or adult ed program. You will meet others who may also need companionship.
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