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 You can certainly bake any cheesecake without a crust, but make sure you grease the pan. I bake crustless cheesecakes in pie pans so they can be baked, cut, and served right from the dish. FYI - you can always start a new thread by clicking on the box "Start a New Thread." 
Sounds like many of the newbies here A hobby/business?
 Bakernoob wrote, "Spam as far as the eyes can see." So I took the advice and clicked on page 16 (what my "eyes could see"). I hoped to jump over that crap but no such luck. Does that make sense?
 I've seen members in pricing threads sell their cupcakes for way less. And that's their retail price. Sad.
Another method, depending upon your final look - torte and fill, freeze solid, then quickly ice sides and roll in sugar (or jimmies). Press down while rolling.  
 My husband, the detective,  says you have to go back further...
Yes! I agree. Business info should not have to come with pretty cupcake toppers.
 Nope, not at all. My statement was referring, sadly, to the many posts I've read during my CC years. I can't even remember or cite which posts or members. And it doesn't really matter. It's just my take-away after reading far too much misinformation.
  The worst part is when they start posting nonsensical business advice. And then attack anyone who dares contradict the questionable advice. In my humble opinion...
Honestly, enga, I often don't understand your intentions, but I usually choose not to post and simply move on. Yes, I know you didn't write the articles and only posted links, but you ridiculed plagiarism which in my line of work is never funny. If you want to discuss this further, we should use PM.  
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